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Nurturing Arts is a process dedicated to bringing the artistic experience to individuals as a source of personal and social renewal. Nurturing Arts seeks to enhance the innate restorative forces that are found within creative endeavors; thus balancing, nourishing and strengthening one’s inner life. This process serves our need to experience and express beauty while developing the creative potential within each individual.

The Center For Nurturing Arts offers a four year part time training with a fifth year practicum leading to a certificate as a Nurturing Arts Practitioner.

The Center For Nurturing Arts also facilitates classes and workshops, which are designed for a teaching faculty, a professional group or a community of individuals. This work is based on the artistic indications of Rudolf Steiner, founder of Anthroposophy and the Waldorf Education movement worldwide, and was initiated as a training in the United States in 1985 by Maria de Zwaan, an Anthroposophical art therapist from Holland.

"Art, always a daughter of the divine, has become estranged from her parent. If it finds it's way back to its origins and is again accepted by the divine, then it will become what it should within civilization, within world-wide culture: a boon for mankind . . .
The need is not for theory. Art is not theory. The need is for living, fully living, in the artistic quality while striving for understanding. Such an orientation leads beyond discussion to genuine appreciation and creation."
- Rudolf Steiner